A.G. Major Engineering Solutions works with and manufactures products for a variety of industries which require high standards of quality assurance and specifications to follow. These range from Aerospace to Medical, Transportation to bespoke garden furniture and everything in between. This work is carried out using many different processes & operations such as sheet metal work, welding, press work, metal spinning, and machining. During and at the end of these operations, the product is continuously monitored and inspected to insure that it conforms to the customers' requirements.

Types of inspections that we perform are: 

  • Operation Inspections
  • First off Inspections 
  • Sample Inspections 
  • 100% Inspections 
  • FAIR Inspections (standard format is AS 9102:2006, others can be requested)
  • DSQR Inspections

These inspections are performed by highly trained and qualified engineers that have had years of experience working in this industry and at the company, knowing the in's & outs of the processes and products involved. Along with the use of UKAS calibrated inspection equipment and a coordinated measuring machine (C.M.M.) to verify our results. This is all backed up with the continuous improvement processes that are implemented by qualifying as an ISO 9001:2008 audited company, as well as other outside quality training such as having a Designated Supplier Quality Representative (DSQR) for GE Aviation.

So whether it is inspecting a satellite component or bespoke garden furniture we aim to meet the customers' requirements first time, every time.