About Us


Quality and Service are at the core of everything we do for you, and always have been.

Formed in 1937 by the Major family, they used the ancient art of metal spinning to spin precious metals to refurbish antiques. Originally based in Clerkenwell, we are now in Croydon, South London.

Since then our service portfolio has expanded to include metal fabrication, presswork, machining and welding to add to the metal spinning.

In the last few years we have developed parts that are now in space, throughout Heathrow Terminal 5, in the Queen’s palaces, the Mayor of London building and in many other places.

Our quality commitment is underpinned by the processes that support our ISO9001 certification, but go further than that. It really is the case that nothing short of perfect simply isn’t good enough.

Passing Down Knowledge

Many of our staff have been working in the engineering industry for their entire lives. The art of metal spinning by hand (much of our spinning is done by hand, although some is CNC  machine produced as well) is being passed on by our long-standing employees to the younger generation.

Taken in the 1970’s, the young chap circled still works at A.G. Major.

As you can see, we work with a wide range of different clients, producing all kinds of items. From aerospace equipment to kettle drums.