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Our blog is here to help you understand the metal fabrication industry. Whether you are a seasoned expert or a complete novice, we hope our content proves useful for you. We’ll blog about how to get the best end product possible, about relevant news stories and, every once in a while, about a piece of work we are really proud of.  If there is something you would like us to write about, please let us know.

Keeping it green

Waste Costs, so we keep waste down     We don't throw anything away At AG Major, we go through a lot of metal of every type: copper, steel, mumetal and lots of other alloys of various kinds. For some of our clients, we source the metal and for others, they source it...

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Olympic Plumbing

Olympic Plumbing! There are 4 key ingredients to the efficient running of our way of life: • Energy – whether in the form of renewable electricity, nuclear, or fossil fuels, we cannot do without it • Data – from our bank accounts to our emails to our social media, we...

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Four times when Handmade is Better

Four Occasions when Handmade is better than CNC Henry Ford developed his mass assembly production lines and The Toyota Way led the way into lean production and, pretty much ever since, machines have produced highly accurate products much faster than they can be done...

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Why Weld when you can Fold?

Why Weld when you can Fold?   Folding metal? It’s not paper you know… When developing something from metal, perhaps a casing or a display unit for example, there are a number of reasons why, when possible, it is better to fold the metal than welding. How do you fold...

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