Metal Fabrication


Cutting, forming, machining, welding and finishing are the five stages in any metal fabrication project we do for you. Your product may not need all five stages, but If you need something made from metal, A.G. Major is the place to come.

Everything starts from a conversation or a set of drawings. Whether your product is still just an idea or has been produced hundreds of times before, we look to ensure what we do will be exactly right for your needs.


Cutting: Whether done by shearing or on our CNC machines, we need to get all the component parts produced.

Forming: Folding the metal to the right 3D form is the next step. We can fold metal up to three metres long.

Machining: Complex shapes cannot always be formed during the forming process, so our fully-equipped machine shop, of lathes, mills and drills, will do whatever needs to be done.

Welding: Assembling the component parts is the next step. We offer a full range of welding options, including TIG, MIG, Arc, Spot and Stud welding and can weld all types of metal, from stainless steel and aluminium to copper, brass and titanium.

Finishing: Whether painting or plating, you will have the perfect product for your needs by the end of this process.

A.G. Major has worked closely with the building trade, commercial and residential, for many years. That may be during the initial build project or during the fitout stages, including interior design and lighting.  

We work with you to get you the right product made from the right metal(s).

For more information about our metal fabrication services, give us a call on 020 8688 3806. Or click here and we will call you.

”We have consistently had excellent service from AG Major for 30 years – we can rely on perfectly accurate fabrication every time.”

Ray Cooper

Managing Director