Precision machining to tight, or fine, tolerances is our speciality. If you’re looking for batches of identical units, give us a call. For small batches, it may be better to use a manual machining process rather than using a CNC, because when you add in the costings of jig making and programming, using a manual process with our skilled and experienced Toolmakers and machinists can make it more cost effective. For bigger batches, CNC machining will maximise outputs. But we will always discuss with you first all the options to fit your requirements.

You don’t always want your products made from steel. We work with a wide range of metals, from the various forms of steel, through aluminium and non-ferrous metals to alloys such as Monel, Kovar and Inconel. We often work with titanium, and associated alloys, where strength and weight are important considerations. We are also doing more and more with cast nylons.


The services we offer are:

  • CNC, Manual, and High Precision Turning
  • CNC and Manual Milling
  • Engraving
  • Tool Making
  • Drilling

Whatever material you need us to use and however small or large your batches, give us a call to discuss your machining requirements.