Metal Spinning 

Metal Spinning is a metalworking process that converts a disc of metal to a axially symmetrical product. As the name suggests, the metal spins at high speed and is formed around a mould to produce a wide range of products, from light fittings to vases, from scuba tanks to cartridges.
Metal spinning is advantageous for you in a number of ways:

  • Almost any metal can be used, from aluminium and stainless steel to high strength alloys.
  • There is very little waste, as metal spinning does not involve the removal of material
  • Tooling and production costs are low, compared to other processes
  • Parts produced by metal spinning have no seams, so no weak points

Metal spinning is used to produce prototypes as well as both short & long production runs.

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We will work with you to:

  • Confirm metal spinning is the right metalworking process for your needs
  • Identify and source, if needed, the metal needed
  • Develop the mould needed to spin the metal around

 Our production team has years of experience and we guarantee your products will be delivered on time and perfect.

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