Olympic Plumbing!

There are 4 key ingredients to the efficient running of our way of life:

• Energy – whether in the form of renewable electricity, nuclear, or fossil fuels, we cannot do without it
• Data – from our bank accounts to our emails to our social media, we use and consume huge amounts of data
• Plastic – hopefully being consumed less and less, virtually everything on your desk, as you read this, has plastic components
• Metal – if it’s not plastic, its probably metal. Your desk is almost certainly a composite of metal and MDF. Every electrical device you use has some metal components.

At AG Major, everything we do is about metal. What we want to do today is talk you through just some examples of what we’ve been up to recently.

Doughnutsmetal doughnuts used in electrical transformer stations

Not the sugary kind, these doughnuts are used in the production of electricity. Made of {insert material}, they go through three major processes within our workshop:
1. Spinning: the metal is bent over a mould, with two pieces then being joined together
2. Welding: that’s how they are joined
3. Finishing: the welding leaves a rough edge. That has to be removed to give the smooth finish our client needs.
These doughnuts, we believe, help to control the flow of power within transformer stations.

Epee Guardsmetal Epee guards for fencing weapons

Made from a lightweight Duralumin alloy, we’ve been making guards for fencing swords for a number of years now. Just in case you didn’t know, the epee is one of three types of fencing weapon. The others are the sabre and the foil. Obviously we don’t track the movement of every guard we make, but it would be nice to believe that one of our guards has won an Olympic medal. Our client has been making fencing equipment since 1921 and has supplied equipment to multiple Olympic games, including London 2012.

Tundishescopper tundishes

Used to control the flow of liquids and powders, tundishes are used around the world. We make 1000’s of them every year, predominantly for the plumbing industry.

Whatever the size you need, we’ve either got them or can quickly produce them.


One area we have been doing a lot of work recently is in producing trim for building projects. metal building trimWhen an area, or simply an edge, needs to be trimmed with metal, we’ve been helping a range of different companies. The image to the side is a typical example. Whilst nothing spectacular to look at, it serves a purpose. If you’re wondering what the holes are for, they help the trim to stay in place. When used internally, the holes allow plaster to seep through, sticking the metal to the edge. When used externally, it is usually render that goes through the holes and sticks it firmly to the building.

So why have we titled this blog Olympic Plumbing? Simple: to make you curious enough to want to read the article and because some of our work may have been in the Olympics and some is in the plumbing industry – tenuous I know, but hey ho!

As you can see, we produce a range of different products, in a wide range of different industry sectors. We hope this has proved useful and we’ll continue to share recent examples of our work, both here and on Twitter. If you need something made of metal, give us a call!