Press Work

Presswork is all about volume.  If you need components made from sheet metal in large quantities, come and talk to us.
Hydraulic and pneumatic presses push down on the sheet metal, cutting and bending it to produce the component you need.

Every component is unique and so needs a customised tool so that your components are exactly what you need and will fit into the end product. We can product, or source, the tools for you or work with your tools; the option is yours.

Our presses work with metal from 0.1mm to deep drawn pressings. Our volume coil feeds mean we can press components highly efficiently. Volume and efficiency equals cost savings for you.



Examples of presswork jobs we’ve done recently include:

  • Oil drum lids for use in hurricane-struck areas, providing storage for those affected by the storm.
  • Electrical components for the Telecommunication industry
  • Components for industrial franking machines

For more information on our presswork, give us a call on 020 8688 3806 or click here and we will call you.