Why Use AG Major

A.G. Major has been making things out of metal since 1937. However, we know that doesn’t mean a lot to people anymore. Just because we’ve been around for a long time, doesn’t mean we are better than our younger competitors.  What does mean we are better is:

  • We have a full range of tools and operations in our workshops, meaning your products are produced faster.
  • Everything is under our control and supervision. We know what quality looks like and that is what we provide. This is backed up by our ISO 9001-2008 accreditation.
  • Whilst we don’t have in-house designers, the years of experience we have developed mean we can advise on how your designs may be improved or whether changing the metal may benefit you. This is where all those years are important.
  • Our sister company is a steel supply company, meaning we can source the steel you need. Another job you don’t need to do!
  • Our clients stay with us.  We’ve got clients who’ve been using our services for decades. We must be doing something right for them to keep using us.
  • Finally, you’re welcome to come down and have a look around. See how the team works and how important quality is to the whole business.

If you are looking for a company to make your metal products,

look no further than A.G. Major. Call us… 020 8688 3806